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In today’s converging ecosystem we see a confluence of various technology domains like Mechanical engineering, Semiconductor technology, material Sciences and so on.
Solution architects today need to have a grasp of several domains. We are attempting to offer courses that can help companies overcome these challenges.

Our Engagement Model:

  • Stage:1Understand your Team Objectives and Goals
  • Stage:2Skills and competency requirements
  • Stage:3Delivery through Industry Experts
  • Stage:4Series of assessments to monitor progress.
  • Stage:5Post training support to ensure objectives and goals are met
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List of Courses

Firmware Course
  • ARM Processors : all variants
  • ARM Processors : Hardware design
  • RTOS : Various Flavours
  • Programming Languages
  • OS Internals
  • Device drivers and BSPs
  • Project Management
  • Design Methodologies
  • Android Internals
  • IOS
  • Other specialised Processors Eg MIPS , POWER PC, DSP technology
Firmware Course
  • Electronics Design Courses
  • Schematic
  • Circuit Simulation
  • Layout
  • SI & Routing
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Antenna Design
  • EM Simulation
Connectivity Courses
  • Low power Wireless Protocols
  • 4G technology
  • LTE
  • 5G primers
Mechanical Design
  • System Modelling
  • 3D Design
  • FEA courses
  • Product Costing
  • PLM
  • Production Scheduling
  • CAD and engineering layout skills
  • Multi-Objective Numerical Optimization(MONO)
  • Robotics
  • Light Weight Metal Design
  • Motor Design
Automotive Development
  • CAN BUS Protocol.

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